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GPRS Machine

Sri Technologies Pvt Ltd Handheld Billing Machine is used for door to door bill collection, rought sales bill collection e.t.c. Sri Technologies Pvt Ltd Ltd is engaged in manufacturing of POS Handheld Terminals with high technology. This Device is Web enabled and helps the customer to do instant bill generation in the field and the transactions thus manipulated will be stored to the Server integrated. This Device also facilitates offline and online mode of functioning which helps in achieving the data loss to be mere. The data of the Customer will be high secured. Sri Technologies Pvt Ltd Billing Machine had 128*64 dots LCD and 6*5 Keys Keypad (alpha Numeric).

  • A handheld spot billing machine
  • Cloud server which is accessible via GPRS built into the billing machine
  • A three-pronged mobile application

The Spot Billing Machine is a lightweight unit, which is small and compact enough to be held in the hand. It consists of a bright LCD screen and three to four rows of functional and alphanumeric keys that are used to call up details about each customer. The machine also incorporates a printing facility using which relevant information can be printed on a roll of paper. The paper can then be torn off and handed over to the customer for further use.

The Cloud Server stores personal and cable service details of each customer. The collection agent can access these details via GPRS by using his or her unique login credentials. The GPRS synchronises customer data from the cloud server so that the operator has access to live data even the signal is not available. All information stored in our cloud servers is treated as sensitive. Hence, we use stringent protocols and high-end encryption software to protect and secure this data. Moreover, since there is no internet involved, all our data is intrinsically safe from hackers, phishers, viruses and malware.

The Mobile Application comes with three unique user interfaces. A single app can be used by the cable owner, the collection agent, as well as the customer. The only difference lies in the nature of facilities available to the user inside the application, which is decided by the login credentials. For example both the agent and the customer would be able to access the latest cable bill or pending amounts. However, only the agent would be able to see the latest or pending bills of more than one customer. All users can also use the app to monitor, track and resolve customer complaints in real-time.

How it Works

The collection agent enters the customer number into his handheld Billing Machine. The machine immediately connects to the cloud server and retrieves all relevant information about the customer and stores it in real-time memory. The agent then accesses the desired information by pressing the appropriate button or button combinations. He can then update or modify this information and upload it back to the cloud. The customer immediately receives an SMS regarding the modifications.

How it Works

Our unique Billing Machine System helps agents and cable operators access and manage vast amounts of information with ease. With this system, the agent/operator can:

Tech. Specifications :

# Specification Description
1 Operating System Android 4.4
2 Processor CPU: Quad-core 1.3GHz
3 Memory Memory: 4GB+4GB eMMC
4 interface USB, TF card slot, SIM card tray, headset jack
5 Display IPS, capacitive touch screen, 480*854 DPI FWVGA
6 Communication Ports Support GSM 2G/3G, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS
7 Printer Direct Thermal Line, Printing Speed: 90mm/s
8 Battery Li-Mh 7.4 V, 2.2 Amps
9 Battery Duration 12 continuous hours ( 4 hours Charging)
10 Weight 350 grams
11 SDK Provided
12 Manufacturer’s Warranty 1 year
13 Additional Interface Expandable storage, no need cleaning cache
With 3.75V low-power printer, longer endurance
Integrated sensors, for environment self-adaptation and better user experience
With fixed-focus camera, for identify QR code
Innovative, all-in-one design, highly recognizable

Product Highlights:

Our Billing Machine System comes with very unique aspects, which make it stand out from that of our competitors.

  • No complicated hardware connections or internet settings required
  • A simple device with convenient installation procedure
  • Does not require the internet to function
  • Cannot be corrupted by virus