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Our Billing Machine System takes the guesswork out of your bill management. Our solution is guaranteed to make your billing facilities more organised, streamlined and accurate than manual or computerised billing methods. You can update, monitor and track all customer data that is generated month on month with minimal user interference.
Our Billing System offers a variety of facilities such as creating unlimited customer databases, package details, tracking special offers and discounts, SMS alerts for customer due payments, report generation, defaulting customers, etc.
Absolutely not! All of your company and customer data is secured using encryption technologies on cloud servers. It can be accessed only by authorised personnel using the appropriate login credentials.
Harmful viruses and malware usually inhabit the World Wide Web. However, our Billing Machine System does not use internet to function. Therefore, it is naturally safe and protected from such harm.
Our Billing System requires no complicated hardware or software installations. In fact, all that we suggest is a computer on which to download reports, but even that is not mandatory. We provide you with the handheld POS billing device. It is independent of cables and wiring and only needs to be charged from time to time.
6. What should I do if I encounter any trouble with the POS device or the Billing System as a whole? If you encounter any trouble with the device or our services, you can simply reach out to our dedicated Customer Support Team. Each member of our team is technically proficient to handle the simplest to most complicated issues. You can write to us at [email protected] or call (+91) 9014391919.
The Billing Machine System can easily be installed in a couple of hours and used immediately thereafter.
Of course! Our cloud servers have the capacity to handle large numbers of user logins coming from customers, agents and cable operators without fear of losing connectivity or overloading the servers.